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You can find hundreds of paid to read or surf programs but some are fake. Those below are checked by my self and work 100%. You don't need to worry about your time and money. If I have received information about program from my friend it will remain unchecked until I get paid.

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If you are using e-gold then you should sign up for e-specie they will pay directly to your e-gold account when you open your browser.

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Paid to read email Programs

Name  Description
Publifacil This is the best of all paid to read program. The power of this program is not the number of emails send to you every day (max 3) but referral program which is similar to MLM referring system with 4x7 matrix. You don't have to refer a thousand people to get thousand referrals, every member in your upline and downlline gets referrals for himself and for yourself at the same time, if you fill your matrix with about 10000 referrals (impossible in other programs) you will earn about 80$ a day!


Name Description
The-Owl-Post This program is similar to Publifacil. There is 5x3 or 5x4 ($15 onetime fee) referral matrix and you can redeem money after you rich 15$. They are send emails directly to your email address. This program is new and it is easy to get referrals.




Referral levels


TheMoneySuite    §

0,50 $




5 $




350 $




150 $



PennMail 3 $ 2 6/6
PaidMailINC 1 $ 2 unchecked
TitanicRewards 0 $ 6 unchecked
TopDollarEmails 5 $ 6 unchecked

*Red statistics means that I use this program to advertise not to earn money.

§ means you can advertise for free        Advertising details

Surf/traffic programs

Name Description Score
ClickityCash Promote your site end earn money at the same moment. Five referral levels. 6/6
1Heluva Promote your site end earn money at the same moment. Five referral levels. 6/6


EMM program


Real BIG money. You will get your own store. Thousands of items on unbelievable low prices. Three types of membership, silver and gold gives you right to earn money from membership fee in your downline. You must get it.


MLM Program

CashClub9 is only for people who are serious about their future. If you have ever thought about joining MLM this is an opportunity for you. Opportunity to build your downline before joining any of MLM and spending cash for months without a single referral. Program is free and doesn't obligate you to join to any of the CashClub9 preferred programs.


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